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Jewellery Findings

Findings is the jewellery makers term for the bits that hold the jewellery together, the clasps, wires, cords etc. Unless specified otherwise, descriptions of jewelery on this site that refer to gold and silver findings are describing copper (sometimes brass) findings with Silver or Gold plating.

Solid precious metal findings will be described as such for example silver filled findings would be described as Sterling Silver or 925 Silver . To be called sterling Silver the metal alloy must contain 92.5% Silver (hence sometimes referred to as 925 Silver) with 7.5% of other metals normally copper. 99.99% Silver is too soft to be used for jewellery.

Gold as is the case with silver is too soft in its pure form to be used with jewellery and therefore is alloyed with other metals including copper, silver and silicon. On this site they will be referred to by the old Carat weight description or the modern Millesimal Fineness Scale (MFS describes pureness of metal in parts per thousand) to indicate the purity of the gold used. The standard gold values used would be as follows:

24 Carat99.9%MFS Value 999
18 Carat75%MFS Value 750
9 Carat37.5%MFS Value 375

Needless to say if you find an item on our site that you would like made with Solid silver or Gold findings we would be happy to provide you with a quote for this as a special commision. please contact us with your request.

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